Our Mission is to provide a safe and temporary home for abused, abandoned and homeless cats and kittens. We will always offer a cage-free, no-kill environment.

Food, medical treatment, wellness care, toys as well as comfortable beds and bedding will always be provided.

Whenever possible, temporary constructed shelters will be provided to various feral cat colonies that we monitor. In addition, we will use a TNR program (Trap, Neuter and Release) to keep the feral cat colonies from over populating.

We will make sure all the felines (feral colonies included) in our care have all their necessary vaccinations, receive complete checkups along with testing such as the Feline Leukemia test.

Adoption services will be offered to loving families whenever appropriate. Un-adoptable cats and kittens will remain in our care to live out their lives comfortably.

We will offer rescue services to other organizations in need. Should they need temporary housing and care we will make ourselves available.

Our ultimate goal is to accommodate as many cats and kittens so they can find forever homes.