About Us

Antonia Acevedo
Executive Director

Hello, my name is Antonia Acevedo and I'm the Executive Director of Tender Loving Paws, a fairly new chariable foundation that I recently formed because I saw a serious need for the care and well being of so many homeless, abandoned and feral cats.

As a child I've always loved animals and I'd love to share one beautiful story with you, it's so touching to me, still to this day.

When I was around 10 years old and on my way home from school, this mixed breed dog used to follow me to my house. My mother asked me who does this dog belong to? I said I didn't know. She told me I couldn't keep him and I needed to find out where he lives and who owns him.

This went on for weeks until I found out who owned the dog. So I dropped the dog off to the owner's house and I went back home. Guess what? The dog was sitting on my porch. I was really happy to see him because I got very attached to him.

My mother wasn't happy but she finally said I could keep him. I went back to the owner's house and told her that my mother said I could keep him. The woman was very happy to give him to me. I named him Bambi. He was my life. From there on, I knew my love for animals was where my heart belongs.

Over the past forty years. I've been involved with all kinds of animals. When my children were younger my house was a zoo for many different animals. All kinds. I was always feeding homeless cats as well. My passion for animals ended up with me taking in quite a few homeless cats.

My children also brought stray animals home that no one cared about. This hurt me very bad. I've seen so many kittens and adult cats that no one wanted. Some hurt, cold and very hungry, in need of medical attention.

As of this day, I provide a safe home, cage-free, no-kill safe haven for my little furry friends. Their shots are up to date and I get them spayed and neutered as well. All these cats will always have a loving home and safe environment as long as I'm able. It's very hard for me at times because I'm on a fixed income but I do my best. I have a few cats now that I changed their diets to NO CORN, NO GLUTEN. I want the best for these fur babies. I love them Like my own. Unfortunately, I might loose my home because of the strays that I have. If they leave, so will I. I will continue to feed all the cats and others animals that are homeless.

There's a colony of feral cats (about 40 or so) that I look after and feed. As soon as my community starts their program for (T.N.R.) Trap, Neuter and Release, I will get them all spayed and neutered. I plan to build shelters for them as well. Once they are spayed and neutered I will bring them back to their colony to live out their days. The really friendly and tame ones I will try to find homes for them.

I called many places locally that said they never heard about this program (TNR). The only program they do have is called (P.A.N.T.), Partnership for Animals Needing Transition. With this charitable foudation I've started, I hope to help many more fur babies.

I'm very pleased to have shared my love with our beautiful helpless animals and I intend to continue this work for the rest of my life.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate any help that I can get with this from the bottom of my heart and so do my babies.