Hello, my name is Antonia.

Welcome to my website and please feel free to join us on our journey.

We all know that half of the world has a profound love for chocolate.

Well.... I have a profound love for animals, especially cats.

Which is why I started this foundation... to help as many as I can.

Let me show you how to navigate through my site.

The About Us page is an introduction to who I am.
The Mission page explains what our mission is and what plans we have for the future.
The Contact page provides our contact information as well as a form to contact us directly from the site.
The Photos page contains pictures of some of the cats we have taken care of.
The Donate page is for people who care to help us in our journey by making a donation.
The Adoptions page explains our adoption process
The RIP page is devoted to Mittens, a cat we got very attached to but couldn't save.
The Blog is going to be a daily jornal of the ins and outs of running this foundation.
The Links/Tips page will contain useful Tips and Links that may help you
The Videos page will contain links to our YouTube videos.
Our love for these fur babies are probably the same as your's so I will keep you informed through my Blog as to how far we came, where we are going and share with you each success story with your help and support. We are very greatful to have you on this journey. Each Blog entry will be full of details about what I'm doing. And descriptions of more fur babies that I rescue and save from abuse and/or being homeless. I will also share a lot of great stuff that I've have learned and found useful on my Links/Tips page. For adoptions I will give out a gift pack along with an adoption certificate. Blue certificates for males and pink for girls. We do request a small donation on adoption and ask for a promissary note that you will lovingly care for your fur baby forever.

Please share a small donation to help with my charitable foundation. Be sure to click that donation button on the Donate page and help me/us to continue this very important and life saving mission.

Thank you so much
Antonia T. Acevedo
Executive Director, Tender Loving Paws.